Friday, October 8, 2010

Norman Rockwell paintings part 2 & updated TM funny tees!

Hello everyone!

Thank you God!
Well I have the funny t-shirts updated, fixed and ready if you want to download them here

Someone named Suta asked me if I would do another Norman Rockwell painting...and well sure they are : )

Mesh by SimsArtGallery at Livingsims
350 Simoleans is what it costs
Don't claim as your own please!
DOWNLOAD   sims3pack
DOWNLOAD  .package

I know I said I was gonna do something creepy last time and I apologise...but I'm not quite finished with what I'm trying to make *Big grin*...I ain't telling! ; )
Enjoy everybody & Happy simming!


Suta said...


Thank you so much.

I am in awe.

Many thank you's.

Amanda said...

Your very welcome! I'm glad you like them! :)

Zaphod said...

Yay! More Norman Rockwell paintings!

These look good in almost any room of the house.

Thank You, Amanda :)

Amanda said...

Your welcome! And thank you for the comment! :)

They are Awesome,I used to see them at my doctor's office when I was little ; )