Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas & New update! Bach (small) Cottage

First off I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of you! I hope you guys have a Wonderful year coming up full of blessings! And I want to thank all of you for visiting my blog! :)

Ok today I have a small cottage but I named it in Welsh,Believe me I'm a true 100% American but I do have some background and one of them is welsh...and I didn't want to just name it "small cottage" if you know what I mean. I built this after this log cabin!

Here's a horrible shot of the bathroom LOL...I can never get it right!

Don't worry there's a bathtub in there! ; )

You need World Adventure ,Ambitions & Late Night!
Lot size- 15x10
It costs $35,311 simoleans
Please don't claim as your own

CC List
Solar panel- Sims 3 Renault bonus EV pack
Log cabin window wall mural - Here
Snow terrain paint - PS melting snow by Pralinesims


Take care everyone! :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Betty Boop recolor pj's + Hey girl Posters!

Hi ya'll

You know my Mom loves Betty Boop heck her nickname is Betty Boop I'm kinda doing this for my mom although she knows nothing about what I do or sims 3 as matter of fact lol...But I like betty boop to she's been around for quite sometime and she's still popular ; )

Here it is... It's for AF's only and believe me it's not perfect but I hope ya'll like it! :)

Only need Base game
Mesh from EA
Please don't redistribute or claim as your own Dahling!

Download  <<< Sims3pack

Download  <<< Sims3 package

Next up..uh I just named these Hey girl posters cause well I got these off of a Hallmark sticker pack I bought the other day..and they didn't have a name to them..weird!...anyways these will look good in your teenage sims room,also the poster's a little crinkly cause hey that's what teenagers like! :)

Only need Base game
Mesh from EA
Cost 15 Simoleans
Don't redistribute or claim as your own peoples!

Download  <<< Sims3pack

Download  <<< Sims3 package

Well take care everybody and Happy Simming!