Saturday, October 2, 2010

Norman Rockwell paintings & Kiddy clocks!

Hi everyone!

Alright a couple of weeks ago I thought Box was giving me a hard time with uploading package I decided to try mediafire...well I still can't upload package files...and I'm thinking it's TSR workshop that's giving me that problem...some people have said that there are problems with I apologise that I'm having to give you all just sims3package and can't give you packagefile...maybe I should switch to some other program...I don't know...and also I want to say that I'm still a bit of a newbie on creating sooo...I'm not completely sure if you have  to have the meshes that I tell you that you need below some of the paintings I've done...if the mesh comes with it or not?  ... whoa wait...actually I think the meshes do come with it...HOT DOG I just learned something today people!...well I'll still have the links of where the meshes came from still...anyways...let's get to the update...*shaking head at self*

I've always loved Norman Rockwell 's paintings,he was an American Painter and Illustrator...anyways his paintings are Awsome..and now you can put them in your sims home ; )

Only need base game
Mesh by SimsArtGallery at Livingsims
Please don't claim as your own
It costs 350 Simoleans

Download sims3pack

Download .package

Ok I promise these are the last clocks I'm making...for now *snickers* ....I gotta say these are real cute and great to decorate your child sims or toddlers's bedroom! : )

You only need base game
Please don't claim as your own
it costs 40 Simoleans

Download Sims3pack
Download .package

Enjoy and Happy Simming everyone!
Next update might be a bit creepy...since it's close to Halloween now...; )
Until next time!


Tegi said...

Cute clocks! Thanks!

Amanda said...

Your very welcome!I appreciate the compliment,thanks! :)

I'm glad you like them!

Suta said...

I absolutely love Norman Rockwell.

The reason why I started to pursue a career in Law Enforcement was his "The Runaway" painting.

Could you please that next?

Many thanks before hand,


Amanda said...

Yeah no problem Suta,I'll do that :)

His paintings are very much an inspiration! ;)

I'm glad you like them!

Zaphod said...

Love the Kiddy Clocks - especially the Moon-Face one!

Thank You, Amanda :)

Amanda said...

Thank you and your very welcome! I thought it was sooo cute the moon face...I just had to make into a clock lol