Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chit chat part 5

Hi everyone!

I hope all is well for you all and ya'll are having a good weekend! :)

For me...I'm very sad and quite furious right now and I just got to get this off my chest....Y'see not to long ago My family and I lost a cat that we all loved dearly,we love all our cats dearly..anyways his name was Boxer he was your typical sweet cat who loved to be the top male cat in the neighborhood lol...I was depressed for days after he died in our backyard...we didn't know what was wrong with him....if he was hit by a car or if he got bit by a snake or what...well days later another dear cat of ours lil Tom started to act the same way as Boxer did....he was staring at the waterbowl for hours,his face was swollen and he smelled like the dead...well he died but he went into the woods and died.

 Ok so we have 3 female cats left who we love dearly and now one of them,Toodles is acting the same way...she has no broken bones so she wasn't hit by a my Hubby and I have been thinking it through and he actually went online to look all this up..with their conditions..well it seems to be that there is an evil person in our neighborhood who has been poisining our cats with glycol...I want to find out who the low-life is that is doing all that and beat the living hell out of them! That's how I feel right now! I know I can't go and roam around in other peoples yard,it's illegal..and of course I know what they are doing is illegal,and my husband and I don't have the money to take her to the rediculous how expensive it is nowadays to save a person's life as well as a animal's life! All I can do is pray! I just hope this doesn't happen to the rest of our cat's...Eva and Angie are pretty good on staying around our yard...believe me I would love to have them in the house but my Hubby don't want any pets in our house. Anyways I just needed to get that off my chest.Thanks for listening ya'll!

(Lil Tom- Grey cat  Toodles- White cat) R.I.P Lil Tom & Toodles! <3

Boxer R.I.P <3
Anybody who wants to give me a heartless rude message like "Katies"'s just gonna be erased! so please don't bother or waste your time!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Five- Blog Train

Hi Everyone! :)

Well get ready for a sweet ride cause not only do I have treats for you all but there are others that do as well! I will give you their links down at the bottom. RD made some fantastic painting meshs and asked a few others as well as myself if we would like to recolor them..I accepted of course ;)

Here they are!
Prayers & Blessings!

These recolors come from Etsy,Persimmon & Pink
You only need base game
They cost 149 simoleans
Please don't claim as your own


Superheroes! ;)

These recolors come from Etsy, By Violintide
You only need base game
It costs 149 simoleans
Don't claim as your own please


Wishing Star paintings!

These recolors come from Etsy,by Trafalgar's square
Only need base game
costs 149 simoleans
Please don't claim as your own


Creative Tuesday's Paintings!..or Thursday!..she must've changed her name!

These recolors are from Etsy,by Creative Thursday....I remember it was tuesday! LOL!
You only need base game
It costs 149 simoleans
Please don't claim as your own!


Welll now that you 've stopped by here..All Aboard..time to ride on the train to another area!


Before I go and you hop aboard I wanna Thank RD for asking me to be a part of this group project, I really have enjoyed it! Take care every one,and enjoy! :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

100 Florence Ave.


Today's update is a new home...kinda different but very nice for a Sims couple or a single sim ; )
I named it 100 Florence Ave. ,I thought that was a nice decent name for it more decent than "You can't crap in corners here" House! *shakes head* (Hubby's idea) LOL! It took me about an hour to come up with a name...anyways I got inspired by this pic and thought I'd make a home kinda like it! :)




computer area

             Sink area/entrance to shower area

Laundryroom/toilet area

Need World Adventures,Ambitions & Late night!
Lot size 20x30
Costs $64,007 simoleans
Don't claim as your own my lovelies

CC list
rug by Lemonjelly

I hope ya'll like it and Happy Simming everyone!...oh and one more thing..I know it seems kinda silly the toilet area not having a door...but you can put one in if you want to..the plans for this home in rl don't have a door and I thought that was pretty different so I went with it  ; )

Monday, January 3, 2011

Kurt Halsey drawings!

Hi everyone!

Ok it is no lie, I L-O-V-E Kurt Halsey's art ...I decided to recolor Aikeas Mesh with his art it's sooo cute and realiistic in a his art there is love and sadness,moments people go through in rl and it shows! I've been wanting to do this for quite sometime...just didn't get to it till now lol! I hope ya'll like it!....I added some cute tape to it and grunged the first drawings a bit btw! ; )

You only need Base game

Mesh is by Aikea at Club Crimsyn

Cost $0

Don't claim as your own please!

DOWNLOAD  .package

Take care everyone!