Monday, September 20, 2010

What can I say!

Howdy everyone!

Todays update is some cool posters and another 80's clock set!

What can I say or call them?...nerdy? I just couldn't come up with a name for these that's what I called them lol....Awkward I know!...anyways enough chit chat...

 mesh by Sweet Ambrosia!
You only need base game
These cost 35 simoleans
Don't clam as your own please

Whoohoo a second set of 80 style clocks! ; )

You only need base game.
These cost 40 Simoleans
Please don't claim as your own!

Ok if you can't tell what the clocks say..don't worry even I can't understand what they say lol
1st one say " I come from the land down under"
4th one says " That's Rad"

Ok everybody...I have been trying to find package file for my stuff I've been making but everytime I try to look for it on my computer to upload to Box...I can't find it...has anybody else been having that problem?...

Anyways...Enjoy and Happy Simming!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Creator's Corner Challenge

Hello everyone!
This is a challenge I'm doing from Creator's Corner....the people there are very kind and talented :)
I decided to be a part of this challenge earlier this week but..I've been a bit busy so now finally I got the pics together for this challenge. I apologise Jill,Newone & Michelle for taking so long..I hope ya'll like em!

LadyFrontbum's Non-default Velvet skin

Chalkboard by The Ninth Wave
Stylist Sims Nissa book by Stylist Sims
LadyFrontbum's Non-default Velvet Skin

I hope I did everything right..if not tell me Creator's Corner :) 
I've enjoyed doing this!
Until next time!

Christian Clocks & Spanish style home

Hello everybody!

Todays update is Christian clocks 

It cost 40 simoleans!
You only need base game for this!
Please don't claim as your own!


Here is the Spanish style home!

Sorry bout the terrible shot of the bathroom...when it comes to taking pics of small rooms..I'm not very good at getting a decent shot of it! lol

Ok here comes the cc

Christian Holy Bible by MandySA3
Flaming June painting by Kalypso  at garden of shadows
Salvador Dali painting by Me
Marion Peck painting by Moi
Cacti by Yarona
Cactus by Helen
Rug by Bau at B5studio
Vintage stereo by Victor_tor's clutter
Trees by Syren at 13th Sim
Small pots by Around the sims 3
Rose by mangosims set Apesanteur
Outdoor fireplace by Pilar at Cosas de Pilar
Orchid vase by Pilar at Simcontrol
Mirror by Pilar at Cosas de Pilar (second mirror in second pic)
Laundry painting by shadow66 at TSR
Canisters by Lisa86 at TSR  (pay item)
Ivy and Pavillion by VitaSims3 Rattan Outdoor set

It's a 20x30 Lot and costs $52,844 simoleans (yikes)
You will need base game,WA, & Ambitions
Please don't claim as your own!


Don't worry bout the cc you can't download it won't hurt anyting,it will probably be just another item.

Enjoy and Happy Simming!

Until next time!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Movie Night!

This painting actually comes from my own Living room...I mean I didn't make it no..It's just I have this painting on my living room wall...aaand a couple of movie reels to go with it cause well let's just say my Husband really wanted that 62 inch TV last year...LOL I decided to make it into a paintng for our sims in the game :)  

The mesh is from Indigo
I'm pretty sure you just need base game for this!
Please don't claim as your own!
Enjoy and Happy Simming!


I have new Look ..yes I decided to give my blog a new look and I hope you guys like it!..if not if ya'll like the other look...just tell me and I'll go back to the other! :)

Until next time!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Salvador Dali Paintings!

I've always been fond of the painting "The Persistence of Memory" by Famous Surrealist Painter Salvador Dali! But it never cossed my mind to make his paintings into...paintings for Sims 3 ...until a couple of days ago when I used his painting for a background of one of my pics of showing off my clocks ...quite a few people thought I made Salvador paintings O__o...I kinda felt I decided to turn them into paintings for all of you who would like his paintings in your Sims homes! :)

I've lowered the price to 200 simoleans
You just need base game!
Please don't claim as your own!


I've got a couple of things I've made several days ago..I'll be uploading those soon!
But until then I hope ya'll enjoy these! :)

Enjoy and Happy Simming! 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Funny Shirts also Weird & Unique Clocks!

Hello Everyone!
Yay after searching and studying and quite a few hair pulls..I've got it! here are the shirts

 Sory i'm being totally lazy today and just puting out the old pic

Ok I want to tell you when you go in CAS the pic of it might look like it's got black at the end of the sleeves but really it doesn't..I have no clue why it did that O___o
Only need base game!
Don't claim as your own!
Aaand if there is a problem with it ..please tell me!
DOWNLOAD Sims3pack
DOWNLOAD .package

Weird...unique...awkward...odd...but cool!
These clocks would go great for those sims who wants to decorate with something a bit different!

You only need base game!
These cost 40 Simoleans!
Please don't claim as your own!


Enjoy Everybody and Happy Simming!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nerdy Posters & 80's style clocks!

Hello everybody!
I just finished watching "Time Travelers Wife"....*sniff*...oh I gotta stop watching these sad movies!...speaking of time traveling...let's travel back to the 80's with these Clocks...80's style!

These cost 40 simoleans
You only need base game for this!
Please don't claim as your own!


Nerdy posters!
Well at least I think they look a bit nerdy LOL

These cost 30 simoleans
 mesh from Sweet Ambrosia
Please don't claim as your own!


Enjoy and Happy Simming!