Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Funny Shirts also Weird & Unique Clocks!

Hello Everyone!
Yay after searching and studying and quite a few hair pulls..I've got it! here are the shirts

 Sory i'm being totally lazy today and just puting out the old pic

Ok I want to tell you when you go in CAS the pic of it might look like it's got black at the end of the sleeves but really it doesn't..I have no clue why it did that O___o
Only need base game!
Don't claim as your own!
Aaand if there is a problem with it ..please tell me!
DOWNLOAD Sims3pack
DOWNLOAD .package

Weird...unique...awkward...odd...but cool!
These clocks would go great for those sims who wants to decorate with something a bit different!

You only need base game!
These cost 40 Simoleans!
Please don't claim as your own!


Enjoy Everybody and Happy Simming!


Rubika said...

No, I don't like them... I LOVE THEM! thank you for another amazing upload! And Dali! My beloved Dali! Thank you, thank you! <3

Rubika said...

Hehehe, I thought that you made a painting with Dali's work, but I looked a little bit closer and noticed those small great clocks *giggle* Cool idea!

And sorry for double comment *blush*

Amanda said...

No worries Paulina and Thank you!

Maybe I should turn that painting into a paintng...hmmm... ;)

Rubika said...

hehe, good idea :D

Zaphod said...

The Grilled Cheese Clock is a must-have!

Thank You, Amanda :)

Amanda said...

I remember in Sims 2 where grilled cheese was a pretty big deal and the llama was a mascot..or it still is lol..but Thank you Zaphod I'm glad you like it! :)