Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hobbies-Blog Train

Heeeey all!

Yep another Blog train and boy do we all have some goodies for ya'll..and this time it has to do with HOBBIES! And mine is got to do with being a gamer...and whatya know I came up with Mario Bros. ...cause I L-O-V-E Mario games and such,heck I've been playing since the 80's ;)

   I have enjoyed and am very grateful of  being a part of this blog train!

Well here you go!

Female shirts

Male shirts

Need Base game and Generations

Sims 3pack






Mario bros. Posters

Need base game

Mario in suits

Need base game
Credit:RD  ( bv poster square qaurter size) paintings by beyx

...okay this isn't mario but this dude is Awesome as well!


Need base game

Well that's it for this train stop...hope ya'll like it there is more coming up! Take care!

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Fashionista <------ Next stop

Monday, June 6, 2011

Trip to Beach

Hey everybody!

Well my Husband and I took a trip to the Beach yesterday,we don't live too far...and I got a bit scorched..even my bottom lip on my face..its so swollen it looks as if I'm pouting LOL,BUT I had a Wonderful time cause I haven't been to the beach in ages and I LOVE it there!

We went to Ft Walton Beach FL and it is Beautiful! I remember going there when I was little....but it sure has changed (the town) since I've last been there but that's alright I still enjoyed it! Anyways I thought I'd show a few pics I shot down there ;)

Yeah you can see my little footsies prints lol

This next pic a really nice couple we met got out their U.S. flag and stuck it in the sand...which I told Russell next time we are bringing an American flag :) ...anyways a couple of hours later one of their friends came and he had a pirate flag that said "Time flies when your drinking Rum" LOL! 

I thought I'd add a little humor to the pic! ;)

Btw there is gonna be another Blog train coming up soon so watch out for that..take care Simmers!