Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ada Deburau

Hey Simmers!

Today I have new Sim,hope ya'll like her! <3

Hi Everybody my name is Ada Deburau!...what's that?
what's on my face? Well I'm a Pierrot Clown...
or used to be,I'm wearing this paint on my face in memory of my parents
who used to be Pierrot clowns also...
and to tell you the truth I love wearing this paint on my face!
I've quit to go do what I've been dreaming of doing for quite sometime now
although I love being a clown this is something I've been
wanting to do for a long time...Acting and I want to be heard
not just localy but all over the World! I hope you can help me achieve that goal! 

Don't I look serious?!!! ; )

Lovely clothes huh?

These are some of the clothes I'm wearing!

Dress one

Dress two

Gotta have these sliders they Rock!

Cleft Chin slider by TumTum 
The tear paint is here
The white makeup(blush) and lipstick is by Omegastarr82 

This is pretty much what I look like without makeup on! :)

Now a little more about myself
I was born April 4th 1987
I <3 Ratatouille & Classical music ^_^
My traits are
Good sense of Humor
Star Quality
Lucky! : P

With what my parents told me I could be kin to
the "Godfather" of Pierrot clowns
Jean-Gaspard Deburau!

You need Base game.Ambitions and Nightlife

Download me here!

Take care everybody and Happy Simming!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Squishy cake tutorial (UPDATE)

Let's see it's 3 a.m in the morning was just lying in bed thinking "I'm gonna make a squishy cake later today for my niece". Then all of a sudden like Gru says in "Despicable me" ..."Lightbulb"!

Why not  do a tutorial *shrugs* everybody I know this is a blog I do mostly for sims but hey I don't see anything wrong with doing a tutorial on squishy's here!


Whew finally finished,it does take awhile to finish these squishy's but they are worth it I say!


These are the Supplies that are needed
1. Sponge or foam (I recommend density foam cause my sponge is very thick)
 2. DAP Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone (Get the tube it's less messy)
3. Glitter (optional)
4. Utility knife
5. Toothpick (s)
6. Marker
7. Decorating cake tips (optional)
8. Acrylic paint (optional)
9. Fabric paint (Dimensional/3d)

If you decide to get density foam,after your finished cutting your slice you will have to paint it with Acrylic paint
your choice of color and that will take 1-3 hours to dry,You can also do that with your sponge if you don't like the color!

Also have some baby wipes/handwipes by your side (It could get messy)

These are optional as well you can decorate your cake with deco
 and little cookies which you can make with polymer clay like those I made myself up above... or not ...I'm
just doing a simple one today! :)

I'm also using Fabric paint for the drippings which you can get at your local craft store!
The other supplies you can get at craft stores but the caulk and knife you get at Hardware stores!

If you are a child have your parents/guardian help you with this as this
can be very dangerous !
If you are an Adult be careful and do it at your own risk!
Also I wouldn't recomend giving these to toddlers or babies,it could be
very Hazardous!


Draw a triangle on your sponge/foam with your marker

Then cut with utility knife

It doesn't have to be perfect : D
If you decide to get density foam,after your finished cutting your slice  you will have to paint it with Acrylic paint
your choice of color and that will take 1-3 hours to dry,You can also do that with your sponge if you don't like the color! Then you can do the next step! 

Take your fabric paint and make your drippings

I bite my nails...very bad habit I have lol!

Do the sides (Don't worry the fabric paint stays where you put it)
Wait 4 hours for the fabric paint to dry before you do the next step!!!

squeeze your icing (caulk) on top
You could use your cake tips to make a better design but I'm not using
them in this tutorial! : )

Take your toothpick and swirl the icing around to cover the top

repeat if you have to,to put on a thick layer

Make sure you do the back as well!

Sprinkle your glitter on top and
your done!
It takes bout 8- 12 hours for the caulk to dry!

I hope ya'll like my tutorial please leave a comment and if you want to ask me any
questions feel free to comment below and I'll do my best to answer them!
If ya'll ever make one tell me and show me I would love to see what ya'll
made,take care everybody!

I <3 my Puddin!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Carolina's Consignment Store!

You know those consignment stores EA gave us?...never really liked them,so I thought why not build a smaller somewhat nicer looking one! Heck it even looks more country(That's why I called it Carolina's) than I wanted it to be but I think it would look fine in any world!

Oh also I was inspired to build this by a building I saw in the background of a movie called Back to the Future! ;)

Lot size: 20x15
You need Base game and all EP's
DOWNLOAD sims3pack

Hope ya'll like this new community lot,take care and Happy Simming! :)