Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hello Everybody!

Hello Simmers,

Hope all is well. I have started a new blog since I have started to build Sims 4 houses. If anybody would like to go take a peek that would be Great and I would very much appreciate it.

The new blog is called...wait for it...S4 & Me. Ha! Go figure. XD

I just uploaded this house


GOD Bless and take care!  :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's time to hang up the hat..for now.

Hello Simmers.

I hope all is well for you all. Sadly I haven't played Sims 3 for over a year and Sims 4 got boring after the third day. I was hoping for Sims 4 to be a bit better than the last game but sadly no.

Anyways I'm not deleting my blog I'm going to leave it so if anybody that is still playing Sims 3 can still download my houses, shirts etc.

GOD Bless you all,have a Great life and take care. I might come back later or make another blog for something else later in the future..I don't know we will have to wait and see.