Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day!

To the the Fathers,sons,grandfathers,wifes,daughters,sisters,brothers,aunts & uncles who have fought and died for our Country and other countries as well!

Thank you for your bravery and courage! GOD rest your soul and we will never forget you!

GOD bless those who are still living and who also are still serving!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hey Everybody!

Long time no see..yeah like maybe a week or two lol...anyways I hope you all are doing alright,I can't wait for Generations it's driving me nuts!!!! I hope ya'll like what I got for ya'll today...a few days ago I did some shirts from Scott pilgrim vs. The World...I just feel like that went waawaaa cause I couldn't find the proper mesh for them...oh well maybe I'll upload them later.
I LOVE Cowboy bebop btw..the only japanese anime series I could ever watch lol

Credit: Mesh by Bau @ bau5Studio

Need Base game

Cost: $150 simoleans

DOWNLOAD  .package

DOWNLOAD  Sims3pack

I've never uploaded a sim this is my first time and I hope you like her :)


Raya Sweet is 21 years old was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia with her Mom and Dad and 5 brothers,that's probably why she is a bit tough and brave! Some people mistaken her as a rebel when she was a teen cause she snuck into bars (that's because she wanted to watch the mixologists)got her self a tattoo..which she regrets now of getting that tramp stamp and hoping one day to get it taken off when she can afford it! Some people mistaken her as love em and leave em chick but really she wants to find the man of her dreams and start a family!

Of course it isn't gonna be easy for her when she starts her career in Mixology which she has been wanting to do since she was 10 and saw her Uncle fix a drink that made her aunt a little bonkers one night which made her laugh so hard it made chocolate milk come out her nose! Anyways as I was saying it isn't gonna be easy for her cause she knows that saying  "Never date a guy that you met at a bar"  ...she's heard it a gazillion times and she's seen it too! Really she is a sweet young lady with a good sense of humor who wants to meet her night in shining armor and start a family...but beware she'll tend to come home  with something that doesn't belong to her. ;)

CC list: Monkey slippers @ TSR *free*

Need base game and Late night
DOWNLOAD  Sim3pack

Take good care of her! ;)

One more thing before I go..I'm sure you have all heard about the tornado's in Missouri and other satates lately...very tragic with what has happened,I'll be praying for all of ya'll and GOD bless those who are still alive and have lost a loved one!

Well that's it for today simmer's ,take care and GOD bless!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blast From The Past Blog Train

Hey all!

Welcome to the Blast from the past blog train!

I have some Vintage goodies that would be Great for deco in your sims homes and for your Sims stories that you all make! I LOVE VINTAGE and I'm sure you all do to! I'm not the only one, there are others who made some as well! So enjoy!

First I give you

Vintage Love Story Comics

Credit: Sweet Ambrosia & Found in my Mom's Basement website

Only need base game
Cost $5 simoleans



Vintage Mademoiselle magazines

Credit: Sweet Ambrosia & Found in my Mom's basement website

Only need base game
Cost $5 simoleans



Buster Keaton & Charlie Chaplin movie Posters

Credit: Aikea @ Club Crimsyn

Only need base game
Cost 0



...and last but not least ;)
Vintage Crate Ads

You can find these in buydebug

Credit: Found in my Mom's basement website & EA
Need Late night
Cost $ 100 simoleans



Blog train also goes to : RD's
                                       Fashionista 125
                                       Alex Pilgrim
                                       Sims3 properties
                                      Jenn's Sim's Design
                                      The Tangled Webby

         I know the list isn't the same as it usually is but there is a very good reason why  anyways I've really enjoyed being a part of this Blog train again! I hope you all enjoy,take care and happy simming!

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's just a little chit chat...but I got something for you too!

Hey Everyone!

 Yeah I know weird name for a post LOL! But believe me this was just gonna be a post of something new I did for ya'll to download but quite alot has happened the past week and I just got to get this off my chest...

First I just want to say I feel very blessed with what happened last week here in Alabama and other states around goes to show GOD is powerful (*thinks: And I mean that in a good way LORD*) I'm sure alot of you saw what happened on the news with the tornados coming through our states,alot of people died and alot are missing still and I mourn for those who died and pray for those who lost a loved one,GOD rest their soul!

*Sighs* And tis a Great day today! For America...for the whole World I might add and I think you all know what I'm talking about! I love my Country,I'm proud of my Country and the Troops! I know terrorism is not over with completely but we all can sigh of relief that that Monster (Bin Laden) is gone...And I'm not afraid to say he is finally DEAD!

I don't usually celebrate a person's death but ...he deserves no mourning whatsoever not after plotting and killing over 3,000 innocent people and they all weren't just Americans! Now he is standing in front of GOD....I don't know what GOD has in store for him...but I don't think it's gonna be pretty and I don't think he will be getting his 72 virgins!

Now enough bout that I have something for you all and your sims and I hope ya'll like it let's all get Funky with these cool rugs! ;)

3x2 rugs

Credit: Pilar,RD! (Thanks for the help!) & Bathroom Graffiti

Only need Base game

Costs 50$ Simoleans

I pray for those who lost a loved one on 9/11,those who have fought for our Country,the people who have died last week and will keep on doing so