Sunday, March 18, 2012

Funny Pics and Glitches!

Hello everybody!

Well no update atm but I thought I'd share some funny pics and glitch pictures that I've taken over the months in my Sims 3 game!

Enjoy! ( I surely have lol )

Uuuum where are you going with your baby?

It's like she's saying  
"Wheee no more baby bump!!!"
 ; )

Oh that's gotta hurt!...not! ; D

At least it's not real poop! It's ghost poop!


Tried that once not really comfortable!

I laugh everytime I see this one...have no idea what
she is angry about....I guess she wants a pet fish?

"Yeah I know what your thinking ,dream on!"

Somebody decided to go in labor at Waylons haunt lol!

Has anybody noticed this little far away city in Bridgeport?

Ursine daughter came to see my Sim Jeffrey play the bass...
.......look at her hair...yikes! LOL!

That's better...gave her makeover! ; D

Hope you all enjoyed that!
If ya'll have some pics to show,post them
and tell me I would love to see them!
Take care everybody! ♥

Friday, March 16, 2012

[Purple] Dance Club (Update)

Hello everybody!

So I was playing my sims game and my sim wanted to go to a dance club so I took my sim to [ Purple] and what do you know other sims (mine included) were having a hard time getting through the door with the ropes for some odd reason! :P

So I have deleted them and now sims can go boogy all night long plus no VIP section! ;D

Apologies to you all that have already downloaded it! ♥

No more crying Sims!!!    < ---- Sims3pack

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FB Apartments

Hello Everybody!

It seems when I am on the road and I see houses/buildings I get inspired and I build a house or community lot in Sims 3 based on what inspired me...I'm sure that's happened to you also! : D

This is my first Apartment that I've made and shared...I have tested it out
with my sims so everything should be okay but if you have any problems
just comment below and I'll see what I can do to fix it! :)

Lot size: 25x 20

Price: $ 25,625

Need Base game and all Ep's (except Showtime)
And no worries my game is up to date ; )

CC List
Buyable Mailbox by HugeLunatic @ MTS 
Ivy Tower @ Sims 3 Store  *Free*

Grass pattern @ TSR by brandonTR *pay*

I forgot to add this earlier,apologies and if you are not a paid suscriber
at TSR you can just recolor the floor on the balcony with green carpet or use the grass pattern
in Misc if you have it! And if you think there are to many NPC's living there just punch in testingcheatsenabled true and then ctrl shift click on NPC click object and delete it! :)

I hope you all like it! And yea I named it after the Freezer Bunny lol...wasn't my intentions
at first but I made a Fountain of FB and decided to name it after that cute bunny! :D

Take care everybody! ♥

Sunday, March 4, 2012

[ Purple ] Dance Club

Hi everybody!

So yeah fiiiiinaly It's up for download...I was gonna post it Friday or was it yesterday....can't remember lol...but my internet was acting wonky cause of the Tornado warning /watch we were in all day! :(

I know what your thinking....."um it looks like a dump on the outside!" ....haha that's because it is...why not put a cool looking dance club beneath a dump...kinda like a hideout or underground dance club : P

So yeah my photo skilled side of me left me this week,went on vacation : ( sorry for the lack of photos!

Anyways here it is I hope you like's not the BEST dance club but it's alright in my opinion and my sims like it, Hope yours do to! :D

This is VIP section
Your Sim has to be a Level 3 Celebrity to
get in! : )


barstool bao kitchen (suite bao) by Jomsims @ TSR  *Free*

Sippin Succulants @ Sims 3 Store  * Free* 

Lot size : 40 x 20
Communitiy Lot: Dance Club
Need Base Game, LN and Ambitions


Take care and Happy Simming! <3