Monday, September 20, 2010

What can I say!

Howdy everyone!

Todays update is some cool posters and another 80's clock set!

What can I say or call them?...nerdy? I just couldn't come up with a name for these that's what I called them lol....Awkward I know!...anyways enough chit chat...

 mesh by Sweet Ambrosia!
You only need base game
These cost 35 simoleans
Don't clam as your own please

Whoohoo a second set of 80 style clocks! ; )

You only need base game.
These cost 40 Simoleans
Please don't claim as your own!

Ok if you can't tell what the clocks say..don't worry even I can't understand what they say lol
1st one say " I come from the land down under"
4th one says " That's Rad"

Ok everybody...I have been trying to find package file for my stuff I've been making but everytime I try to look for it on my computer to upload to Box...I can't find it...has anybody else been having that problem?...

Anyways...Enjoy and Happy Simming!


Anonymous said...

Amanda mah darling I love the poster recolors. I have a question however, do you really need to have the mesh for your recolors to work? I though those days died in TS2?! LoL. I love the mesh but I didn't really dig any of her recolors of it and didn't want to have all of those in game. I guess I could stop being so darned lazy and just delete the recolors I don't want since I know how to do it in all. Sorry, I'll stop ramblin on.

Amanda said... so funny girl!nah you ain't ramblin... I pretty much think that you do need the mesh....I could be wrong though..I still call myself a newbie when it comes to creating for Sims 3 o__O

I'm learning though! ;)
Sorry if that didn't help much RD!lol

Amanda said...

Oh and Thanks for the compliment! :)

Rubika said...

Wowza! I love the posters! Thank hon for sharing! :*

Amanda said...

Thanks so much Paulina! *Hugs*

I'm glad you like them! :)