Monday, August 30, 2010

Marion Peck Paintings!

Hi everyone! I came across this Artist's website not too long ago and just had to make Sims 3 paintings out of em!

Here is the first batch!

I lowered the price it was something like 930 Simoleans...phfft it's 100 Simoleans *wink*
You just need base game for this,please don't claim as your own!


Now for the second batch!


These cost 200 simoleans
You only need base game,please don't claim as your own!
Enjoy everybody and Happy Simming!


Rubika said...

They are so adorable and creepy at the same time, but I love them! specially the puppy! thank you for sharing with us, hon! :*

Amanda said...

Yep..they are a bit creepy..or eerie LOL!..I'm glad you like them,thanks Paulina! :)

Rubika said...

Hehe, no problem :) keep making those beautiful paintings! :)