Sunday, August 15, 2010

To Portia!

I just wanna give a Shout to my sweet friend Portia,you might all know her as fasionista125...check out her website,she's got some Amazeballs stuff! ; ) Anyways she's a good friend of mine and she's smart,talented and she's got a heart of Gold! I love you lil sis! I know she has the hots for Robert Pattinson that's for sure...and I'm sure some of you do to..he's a cutie! I decided to do some Posters of him....I mainly did it for Portia but..decided to share to all you Robert Pattinson lovers out there too lol .


Do not re-distribute or claim as your own!

Enjoy and Happy Simming!


Lily Pig said...

I love these posters, Amanda - what a lovely tribute to our Amazeballs Portia !

Rubika said...

Rob! It's Rob! Thank you, thank you!! I love him! *licks the screen* Pity I can't see Portia face when she'll see that! :D

Amanda said...

Thanks Lily,I'm glad you like them!She's a sweet friend portia is! :)

LMAO Rubika your funny girl and your welcome!Oh how I wish I could see her face too ;)

Portia said...

Look at the shock similey on skype and my face looks something like that! Thanks so much big sis'! *hugs* Now I can plaster them on my sims walls in high graphics on my new pc! THANK YOU! xx

Amanda said...

*hugs back* I'm glad you like them and your welcome...I meant every word lil sis!