Monday, August 2, 2010

Hiding in the Shadows!

Hiding in the shadows whooooo *acts like a ghost*....ok it's not something scary today lol I was just being silly ,no actually this is a home I built not too long ago for my P.I sim I really liked it,it was something different.So I thought I'd share with all of you  :)



This is a 20x30 Lot it costs $56,836 simoleans
You need Base game,WA,& Ambitions
There is 2Bedrooms/1Bathroom

Ok now for the cc
The broken toilet and Bicycle is from Cyclonesue at TSR  *pay*
Drop dead Rugs by Tdyannd at TSR  *free*
Follow the clues (footprints as rugs) by Syren at the 13th sim *free*
Nighthawks painting by fashionista125 at Fasionista's Sim Adventures *free* (Thanks for making it for me Portia!)
Beautiful Forest by Pigula Photography (Let there be Sims set) at Sims3 Store *free*
Reynard the Raven at Sims3 Store *pay*
The painting in the Office and Green Bedroom are paintings from SimsArtGallery at Livingsims *free*
Thyme Garden Collection Angel Fountain by Cemre at TSR *pay*

Please don't claim as your own

Also If you can't download any of the pay items..the house will still work,the items just won't be there..or they might be a different object...depends on what the creators created them out of  ; )

Enjoy and Happy Simming everyone!


I also want to Thank Portia she's the one that came up with the name for the house....I couldn't come up with a darn thing lol....Thanks Portia!


Portia said...

Nice on big sis'! The name seems even more appropriate now! ^_^

LyeTastic said...

Too bad about all the pay stuff, though. Would it still work okay with out them? Or would it be forever borked and useless?
Otherwise, nice work! I love how it's underground... that's cool. :3

Amanda said...

Thank you!...Yes the house will still work without them...they will either just not be there or be a different will depend on what the creators created them out of :)