Monday, September 30, 2013

Harmony in Autumn!

Hey simmers!

I couldn't help but think of the season (which we are in where I live) Fall or Autumn I love this season and Spring cause it's not hot and humid the temperature outside is just right! ♥

And it's exactly what I thought when I was building this house...

This house is of course 1 Bedroom and 1 Bathroom but I added a laundry room and well I hope you like it!...And yes let's face it people a few of my pics can be a bit bleh but ...but I'm to lazy to download a camera mod *cries*...nah just joking I just try my best not to download so much for my game.Anyways here it is.












 Lot size: 30x20

Price: $58,211 Simoleans

Need Base game and all Ep's


Porch Swing Whitewood by magicdawn@ TSR *free*

DOWNLOAD  Sims3pack

Have a good week ya'll!


Anna Tabas said...

Very beautifull house :)

I invite to my blog. I'm back to creating :)

Hugs :)

Amanda said...

Thank you very much I'm glad you like the house! ^_^

Welcome back,I've been gone awhile myself lol anyways I will definitely check out your new stuff! :D

Hugs back :)