Friday, September 27, 2013

Small Ranch House

Hey Simmers!

I hope all is well for you all. I know it's been forevers since I posted something apologies btw , for sometime I got bored with Sims 3 but I'm back into it!

I know I usually build a home that has only one bedroom in it but omg I can't believe it I built one with 2 bedrooms haha!

Anyways here it is, I tried to build it somewhat similar to this house!













Lot size: 30x30

Price: $64,254 simoleans 


Need Base game and all Ep's

DOWNLOAD  Sims3pack

Ps. It says on the details 2200 Pinochle Point cause that's where I built it so it should be good on that lot in Sunset Valley or any 30x30 lot! ^_^

Also I want to ask you all a question I am going to post up a couple of pics of houses that I like which one do you all like and would like me to build and post?Or if there is a certain house you would like for me to build I just might do it! :D 

I'm going to start building The Moderns house tomorrow for sure...I like that one modern with a 50's kick to it :D


Take care and have a good weekend! ♥
And I hope you like the house! :D


Anonymous said...

I like "the moderns" design.

Amanda said...

Awesome sauce! I like that one too,thanks for commenting! :)

I will definitly build that one if no one else throws their opinion out in the next day or 2! :)