Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Moderns!

Hi Simmers!

Hope everybody is doing alright,it's almost the weekend...yaaay!

Anyways here is the house I said I was going to build's not exactly the same but it's close...kinda? I know there is not alot of pics that's because I suck at taking them sorry about that, there is 2 Bedrooms one is the Master and there is a baby room also there is 2 Bathrooms hurrah! I moved in my new family in this house and they sure seem to like it! (no worries family doesn't come with house)

Hope you all like it! ♥






Lot size: 25x25

Price: Will update later my cat is sleeping on top of my paper where I have the price XD
$66,505 Simoleans :)

Need Base game and all EP's


armiel_ Build Set-DIY_ pack 1 by Armiel @ Modthesims3

DOWNLOAD  Sims3pack

Have a good day/night! ♥

P.S Does anybody around here play Borderlands 2? Just curious...I play it everyday lol


Portia said...

I'm trying to get back into simming and I knew your blog would have some fab stuff on it aw, this house is wonderful!

Amanda said...

Hey Portia I hope all is well with you...yeah I am trying to get back into simming myself thanks for the comment! :)