Sunday, March 4, 2012

[ Purple ] Dance Club

Hi everybody!

So yeah fiiiiinaly It's up for download...I was gonna post it Friday or was it yesterday....can't remember lol...but my internet was acting wonky cause of the Tornado warning /watch we were in all day! :(

I know what your thinking....."um it looks like a dump on the outside!" ....haha that's because it is...why not put a cool looking dance club beneath a dump...kinda like a hideout or underground dance club : P

So yeah my photo skilled side of me left me this week,went on vacation : ( sorry for the lack of photos!

Anyways here it is I hope you like's not the BEST dance club but it's alright in my opinion and my sims like it, Hope yours do to! :D

This is VIP section
Your Sim has to be a Level 3 Celebrity to
get in! : )


barstool bao kitchen (suite bao) by Jomsims @ TSR  *Free*

Sippin Succulants @ Sims 3 Store  * Free* 

Lot size : 40 x 20
Communitiy Lot: Dance Club
Need Base Game, LN and Ambitions


Take care and Happy Simming! <3


Yoteamo said...

Whooop time to get my groove on!
Santana Esmerelda anyone? :D

I think having it underground is pretty cool. The kind of place I'd like to hang out because I'm cool..
Great layout and I love those dark brick walls by the bar <3

Amanda said...

It's Time to Paaaartyyy!!!

LOL I'm glad you like it and the thanks for the comment! <3

Mene said...

*claps* I love it! It's so purple. Lol and it's kindof sneaky how the outside looks, with all those containers. Like only the people "in the know" can get in. ^.^

Amanda said...

Thanks Mene! ^_^

I've had this idea in my mind for awhile underground dance club lol!

I'm glad you like it and thanks again for the comment! <3

Wibs said...

It so...purple - but I love it. Very stylish:)

Amanda said...

Thank you Wibs! <3

Haha yep...very purpley! :D
Actually purple is my favorite color! :)