Sunday, March 18, 2012

Funny Pics and Glitches!

Hello everybody!

Well no update atm but I thought I'd share some funny pics and glitch pictures that I've taken over the months in my Sims 3 game!

Enjoy! ( I surely have lol )

Uuuum where are you going with your baby?

It's like she's saying  
"Wheee no more baby bump!!!"
 ; )

Oh that's gotta hurt!...not! ; D

At least it's not real poop! It's ghost poop!


Tried that once not really comfortable!

I laugh everytime I see this one...have no idea what
she is angry about....I guess she wants a pet fish?

"Yeah I know what your thinking ,dream on!"

Somebody decided to go in labor at Waylons haunt lol!

Has anybody noticed this little far away city in Bridgeport?

Ursine daughter came to see my Sim Jeffrey play the bass...
.......look at her hair...yikes! LOL!

That's better...gave her makeover! ; D

Hope you all enjoyed that!
If ya'll have some pics to show,post them
and tell me I would love to see them!
Take care everybody! ♥


Wibs said...

I love glitch pictures! LOL at the naked lady on the computer:D I usually forget to take pics of my glitches, I'll try and remember next time I play.

Amanda said...

Thanks! ^_^

Glitch pictures are really funny sometimes even though you don't want them lol!

Great! I hope we get to see some of yours in the near future Wibs! :)