Saturday, February 18, 2012

Telly's Bar!

I made this Kawaii Beer ain't it cute?! ; P

Hello Everybody!

Today I have a bar....kinda old fashioned that's why I put it as an Exclusive Lounge so it will have your sims dress nicely and it will have it's own pianist : D

Hope you like it!


I recolored a standing sign,the mesh is by WOE
get the sign HERE  (Bar sign)

Traditional Piano @ MTS by armiel

Hexa Curtain @ TSR by Flovv

Pearls Pinched Drapes 3x1 Tall @ TSR by Mutske

Lot size : 25x20

Exclusive Lounge

Need Base game and all Ep's

Enjoy,take care and Happy Simming! <3


Yoteamo said...

Beautifully done Amanda, I love little bars like this! I've downloaded all of the CC and the bar <3 Perfect size for Sanford Bay, finally my simmies will have somewhere to Jam.

Amanda said...

Thank you! ^_^

It's not much but I hope your sims like it... I think I'll build a dance club soon! ; )


Mene said...

So elegant! I got it downloaded, it's just the right size :) I never have many sims show up at night spots so this will fill up nicely ^.^
Oooo and a dance club next :D I'm looking forward to it.

Amanda said...

Thanks Mene! ^_^

I'm glad you like it and that dance club is just about ready I will be uploading that in a day or two! :)