Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cyber Cafe!

Hi everybody!

So I was at the movie days ago with my hubby and we were watching the new "Underworld" movie and there was a advertisement of course before the movie about a Cyber cafe that was nearby...I thought "Neat!"
and I decided to build one for our sims! : D

 Need Base game and all EP's
Lot size: 25x20
Visitors allowed
The Sci fi panels etc is from an update we got when
Generations or Pets came out can't remember which one
so make sure your game is up to date! : )

Enjoy,take care and Happy Simming!


Yoteamo said...

Brill! I love the shape of this and the blue and pink door at the front is so cool. The interior is great too I've been wondering what I could use those walls for but you've done it for me lol a virtual rec and download incoming <3

Amanda said...


Thank you very much! <3

Never thought an idea like this would just pop up being at the theater O_o

I've had my sims visit there and they seem to like it...a nice place for your nerdy sims to go to on a date lol! : )

Yoteamo said...

lol it's amazing what can inspire us :D !
Well now I have a place for my nerdy sims to date I just need to find something similar for me and my nerdy boyfriend!! <3 <3