Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ada Deburau

Hey Simmers!

Today I have new Sim,hope ya'll like her! <3

Hi Everybody my name is Ada Deburau!...what's that?
what's on my face? Well I'm a Pierrot Clown...
or used to be,I'm wearing this paint on my face in memory of my parents
who used to be Pierrot clowns also...
and to tell you the truth I love wearing this paint on my face!
I've quit to go do what I've been dreaming of doing for quite sometime now
although I love being a clown this is something I've been
wanting to do for a long time...Acting and I want to be heard
not just localy but all over the World! I hope you can help me achieve that goal! 

Don't I look serious?!!! ; )

Lovely clothes huh?

These are some of the clothes I'm wearing!

Dress one

Dress two

Gotta have these sliders they Rock!

Cleft Chin slider by TumTum 
The tear paint is here
The white makeup(blush) and lipstick is by Omegastarr82 

This is pretty much what I look like without makeup on! :)

Now a little more about myself
I was born April 4th 1987
I <3 Ratatouille & Classical music ^_^
My traits are
Good sense of Humor
Star Quality
Lucky! : P

With what my parents told me I could be kin to
the "Godfather" of Pierrot clowns
Jean-Gaspard Deburau!

You need Base game.Ambitions and Nightlife

Download me here!

Take care everybody and Happy Simming!


Yoteamo said...

weeee a new character for my town! She looks fab, the make up and styling is perfect <3
downloaded and a virtual rec!
Thank you ;)

Amanda said...

Thanks you! <3

For some reason I always found Pierrot clowns interesting lol! I also hope to see your squishy cake soon! :)

Thanks again! ^_^

Anonymous said...

She is very pretty

Amanda said...

Aaaw Thanks! :)

I appreciate the comment!

Yoteamo said...

Amanda my squishy's are simply quite dreadful! I bought a load of polymer clay too to make some decoden trinkets and..well perhaps there is some hope but you really cant tell the difference between mine and my 4 year olds lol I hope you are well lovely <3

Amanda said...

I'm sure it looks fine hon! (hoping to see some pics soon! :D )

Hey my first one wasn't exactly Great lol...even my second one haha!

I'm doing okay just been busy, hope your doing well also! <3