Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Carolina's Consignment Store!

You know those consignment stores EA gave us?...never really liked them,so I thought why not build a smaller somewhat nicer looking one! Heck it even looks more country(That's why I called it Carolina's) than I wanted it to be but I think it would look fine in any world!

Oh also I was inspired to build this by a building I saw in the background of a movie called Back to the Future! ;)

Lot size: 20x15
You need Base game and all EP's
DOWNLOAD sims3pack

Hope ya'll like this new community lot,take care and Happy Simming! :)


Yoteamo said...

Aww it's adorable and perfect to add to Sanford Bay. I was thinking last night actually that I needed a consignment store on a small piece of land. Perfecto! <3 thanks

Samantha said...

Amanda this is truly gorgeous! I just happened to be thinking about putting a consignment store in my town so yay! Now I get to use yours!

- lemonjelly

Amanda said...

Thank you both! <3 <3

I'm so happy ya'll like it! ^_^

InaMac69 said...

I love this, its so sweet and dainty and will fit in anywhere, thankyou so much :)x

Amanda said...

And Thank you,I'm glad you like it! :D