Monday, May 2, 2011

It's just a little chit chat...but I got something for you too!

Hey Everyone!

 Yeah I know weird name for a post LOL! But believe me this was just gonna be a post of something new I did for ya'll to download but quite alot has happened the past week and I just got to get this off my chest...

First I just want to say I feel very blessed with what happened last week here in Alabama and other states around goes to show GOD is powerful (*thinks: And I mean that in a good way LORD*) I'm sure alot of you saw what happened on the news with the tornados coming through our states,alot of people died and alot are missing still and I mourn for those who died and pray for those who lost a loved one,GOD rest their soul!

*Sighs* And tis a Great day today! For America...for the whole World I might add and I think you all know what I'm talking about! I love my Country,I'm proud of my Country and the Troops! I know terrorism is not over with completely but we all can sigh of relief that that Monster (Bin Laden) is gone...And I'm not afraid to say he is finally DEAD!

I don't usually celebrate a person's death but ...he deserves no mourning whatsoever not after plotting and killing over 3,000 innocent people and they all weren't just Americans! Now he is standing in front of GOD....I don't know what GOD has in store for him...but I don't think it's gonna be pretty and I don't think he will be getting his 72 virgins!

Now enough bout that I have something for you all and your sims and I hope ya'll like it let's all get Funky with these cool rugs! ;)

3x2 rugs

Credit: Pilar,RD! (Thanks for the help!) & Bathroom Graffiti

Only need Base game

Costs 50$ Simoleans

I pray for those who lost a loved one on 9/11,those who have fought for our Country,the people who have died last week and will keep on doing so


--*--Hollywood Sims--*-- said...

I'm so glad to hear you are OK!! And it is true, God is powerful, and he also protects those who trust in him. I was very saddened by what had happened there, and I was going to post a comment to ask if you were alright, but I didn't really know what to say. And I too am happy about what happened to Bin Laden. At first it was almost surreal, because the guy was always around.. And then he's gone!! Good for the Navy Seals!
We also need more people like you in America!
God Bless! :-)

Amanda said...

GOD Bless you too Hollywood sims!<3

GOD is Amazing!

And Thanks!.... I'm very happy my family and I are alright! I was gonna post last week after it happened but got visited by my baby nephew and niece!

I'm proud of the Navy as well! It's almost been 10 years since 9/11 happenend but finally he's gone!

Your so kind Thanks for the comment! I think we do need more people around like you and I in this country sometimes too...Sometimes it feel as if its getting crowded with anti-Americans...but I know there are still alot of very good people in this no worries ;)

Take care! <3

JKAmaryllis said...

Just stumbled upon this blog and I want to say everything here is so adorable! I also agree that amidst the tragedy we are blessed indeed.

Thank you for these adorable rugs!

Amanda said...

Thank you very much JKAmaryllis! <3

I'm glad you like the rugs :)

Lily said...

These rugs truly are funkilicious, Amanda!

Amanda said...

Haha funkilicious >D

Thanks Lily,I'm happy you like them <3