Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hey everyone!

I got some stuff for ya'll and yeah I know it's been awhile since I uploaded something..or have even said something on of the reasons is because everytime I did a project it would turn out really bad lol ,but finally I've done a couple of projects that I thought you all would like and they aren't that bad ;)

Ok first off I wanna say this first one is based off of a painting/drawing that has been around...hmm well let's just say alot longer than I've been living! My Hubby and I were talking one day and he told me about this painting/drawing

So I made a poster kinda like it except there is a Grim Reaper and Sim, I made the painting myself with my photoshop and I used Mischino_K's Grim reaper  for the pics, I have to say it isn't that perfect but I did the best I could and I hope ya'll like kinda makes me gigggle sometimes when I look at it hehe ;)

Credit: Sweet Ambrosia, Mischino K & EA

                                        Cost 25$ Simoleans

Only need base game

*coughs* btw the sim is swearing at the Grim reaper..not at you!

Ok next are some cuute pillows to decorate with!


Credit: RD & Shana Logic
Only need Base game
Cost 3$ simoleans

Well that's it for today, I really hope ya'll like it...and I was just thinking if any of you would like for me to do the original The Last Great Act of Defiance just tell me...and I just might do it ;)

Anyways take care everyone and Happy simming!


Ninoochat said...
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Amanda said...

Thanks Ninoochat!

I'm glad you like them :)

Louma 37 said...

awww the first pillow from the right is so cute!!
I also love the Grim's <33 Thankss!

Amanda said...

Thanks Louma! I like the letter pillow to it's adorable! :)

I'm glad you like my grim's for those rebellious teen sims ;)

Anonymous said...

This is such an adorable and optimistic blog! I love it - following you, follow back? :)

Amanda said...

Thanks Diana for the comment!<3

And to your question...of course! ;)

WANDI. said...

OMG! look at those pillows! I TOTTALY LOVW THEM!♥ thanks

Amanda said...

Thanks so much! <3

I'm glad you like them! :)