Friday, January 21, 2011

The Five- Blog Train

Hi Everyone! :)

Well get ready for a sweet ride cause not only do I have treats for you all but there are others that do as well! I will give you their links down at the bottom. RD made some fantastic painting meshs and asked a few others as well as myself if we would like to recolor them..I accepted of course ;)

Here they are!
Prayers & Blessings!

These recolors come from Etsy,Persimmon & Pink
You only need base game
They cost 149 simoleans
Please don't claim as your own


Superheroes! ;)

These recolors come from Etsy, By Violintide
You only need base game
It costs 149 simoleans
Don't claim as your own please


Wishing Star paintings!

These recolors come from Etsy,by Trafalgar's square
Only need base game
costs 149 simoleans
Please don't claim as your own


Creative Tuesday's Paintings!..or Thursday!..she must've changed her name!

These recolors are from Etsy,by Creative Thursday....I remember it was tuesday! LOL!
You only need base game
It costs 149 simoleans
Please don't claim as your own!


Welll now that you 've stopped by here..All Aboard..time to ride on the train to another area!


Before I go and you hop aboard I wanna Thank RD for asking me to be a part of this group project, I really have enjoyed it! Take care every one,and enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful job with this Amanda. Everything is so cute.

Thanks so much for being a part of this project. You really did a fantastic job.

Big hugs.

Amanda said...

Thanks for letting be a part of it,and thanks for the comment...sorry it took me like ever for getting the post ready..I kept getting things wrong and had to redo some of it *rolls eyes*

Anyways I'm going to go see now what everyone made! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Amazing job Amanda <3 I really love the superhero ones!

Amanda said...

Thanks Portia! :)

Camille said...

Oh Amanda these are so going to my game! Thank you sweety!

Amanda said...

Your so welcome Camille! I appreciate the compliment,Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

This is all kinds of awesome! I love the superhero ones especially, they will go great in my nurseries. Can never have enough kids paintings.

Chicago said...

Way too cute and adorable Amanda! I needed some art for my future sim babies and the Wishing Star paintings are just too adorable!

Want to know something, I had the same superheroes in my folder, but now I dont gotta do them because they look soooo much better on RDs mesh. Thanks for doing all of these!

Amanda said...

Thanks so much ya'll I really loved ya'll's paintings!..all of you did a splendid job!I appreciate the comments :)

Chicago ain't that just a coinkidink!lol ;)

I'm glad ya''ll like them! :)

Anonymous said...

I saw these wonderful paintings on MS3B and I wanted to drop by and compliment how lovely and cute they are.

Velvet said...

Amanda, they're adorable and I especially love the prayer and positive prints :)! I could just huggle everyone! Thanks for sharing your talent!

Amanda said...

Thanks so much Candy Lover! I'm glad you like them! :)

Rebecca,I figured why not do a Christian set? As I Love God and he's done alot for me...alot! I'm glad you like them! Thanks for the compliment! Hugs!

Princess said...

Oh my gosh, it made me giggle to see the first group of picture - very Mormon sayings, to be sure. I had to check the Etsy artist and yep, they are very much Mormon. XD But what I love about those phrases is they're so generally Christian, too.

Anyway. Other than that, these are super cute! I love the superhero ones. Thank you for all of these! :)


Amanda said...

Never thought they were Mormon...but that's fine ;)

I really like the superheroes one myself,I'm a sucker when it comes to superheroes lol! I can't wait for Captain America to come out this summer ;)

I'm very happy that you like them Shannachka and thank you for the comments! :)