Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chit chat part 5

Hi everyone!

I hope all is well for you all and ya'll are having a good weekend! :)

For me...I'm very sad and quite furious right now and I just got to get this off my chest....Y'see not to long ago My family and I lost a cat that we all loved dearly,we love all our cats dearly..anyways his name was Boxer he was your typical sweet cat who loved to be the top male cat in the neighborhood lol...I was depressed for days after he died in our backyard...we didn't know what was wrong with him....if he was hit by a car or if he got bit by a snake or what...well days later another dear cat of ours lil Tom started to act the same way as Boxer did....he was staring at the waterbowl for hours,his face was swollen and he smelled like the dead...well he died but he went into the woods and died.

 Ok so we have 3 female cats left who we love dearly and now one of them,Toodles is acting the same way...she has no broken bones so she wasn't hit by a my Hubby and I have been thinking it through and he actually went online to look all this up..with their conditions..well it seems to be that there is an evil person in our neighborhood who has been poisining our cats with glycol...I want to find out who the low-life is that is doing all that and beat the living hell out of them! That's how I feel right now! I know I can't go and roam around in other peoples yard,it's illegal..and of course I know what they are doing is illegal,and my husband and I don't have the money to take her to the rediculous how expensive it is nowadays to save a person's life as well as a animal's life! All I can do is pray! I just hope this doesn't happen to the rest of our cat's...Eva and Angie are pretty good on staying around our yard...believe me I would love to have them in the house but my Hubby don't want any pets in our house. Anyways I just needed to get that off my chest.Thanks for listening ya'll!

(Lil Tom- Grey cat  Toodles- White cat) R.I.P Lil Tom & Toodles! <3

Boxer R.I.P <3
Anybody who wants to give me a heartless rude message like "Katies"'s just gonna be erased! so please don't bother or waste your time!


Chantelle said...

I feel your pain. I had a neighbor 'accidentally' poison one of my cats a few years ago, then brought his body over in a white bag...
I cried for days.

Please call the police/animal humane society. Take the cat to an emergency center immediately. They can treat it.

Amanda said...

That's horrible Chantelle! *Hugs*

Thank you so much for your concern I so appreciate it!

I wish I could but I don't know who is doing this to our cat's but it's just plain evil and my hubby said if we went to the police we would get fined cause we don't have the cat's registered

I also live in a small town if I took it to the vet she would charge us 300 or 400 dollars to check on our cat...Believe me we want to take her but we don't have that much money...but we are taking care of her as much as we can,we've brought her inside the house....My Hubby said she could get over it or she could die,I hope she makes it.


Katie said...

Your cat NEEDS medical attention - she's suffering! If you can't afford it or are unwilling to spend the money, then for gods sake take your cats to the nearest shelter and be done having animals in your life. Keeping her around the home, suffering, and "praying" for her to get better is just as sick as poisoning her! I came here for Sims downloads, but now I just want to throw up and cry while clutching my kitties tight.

If you aren't willing to provide emergency care to your pets, you shouldn't have them!

Amanda said...

Do not I repeat do not come on to my blog and tell me what I need to do with my life you sorry ass bitch! I love these cat's very much but just because I can't afford to help them in times like these doesn't mean I don't!!! You sound like the type of person who would feed a starving animal than a starving human being..I'M NOT VERY FOND OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!! SO FUCK OFF!!!!! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE COMING ON HERE TASLKING TO ME LIKE THIS WHEN I JUST BURIED MY CAT YOU HEARTLESS BITCH!!!

Anonymous said...

This is awful Amanda, I am so, so sorry. I know it is awful to loose a pet, but to have someone poison not 1, not 2, but 3 of your cats is devastating! Those people have something extremely wrong with their heads!

And Katie, leave Amanda the hell alone. How would you feel if you could do nothing to help your animal when they were dying hey?! Just leave her alone and go bother someone else with your time!

Amanda said...

Thank you so much lil sis! *Hugs*

It is devastating,I hope whoever is doing this gets a good dose of what pain they have given this family in the last 24 hours!

Thanks so much for being here for me lil sis! *Hugs*

Camille said...

Amandita, I know very well what you're passing through. I'm brazilian and for several years I lived in a rural area. I always had pets, cats and dogs and I always tried to give them my best. I had a big dog and he was so kind! His name was Fau. He was my best friend. The problem is that he was eating the chickens of the neighboor, and the asshole, instead of letting me know, that then I could prevent my dog to go out, he poisoned him. I felt so bad for days... my mom was even worse then me, she didn't even want to eat. To lose an animal we love so much because someone is so ignorant and doesn't respect life is one of the worse ways to feel injustice. I share your pain and I leave you my best thoughts for this bad time. And I wish deeply that this mad person gets justice in his/her life as soon as possible.

Amanda said...

That's pure evil what they did to your dog Camille! I'm sorry to hear that happen to you! *Big hug*

Thank you so much Camille I appreciate your understanding and concern! *Hugs*

Camille said...

Hello Amanda,
I came to leave you some hugs! I hope you're feeling better ♥

Amanda said...

I'm feeling a bit better thank you Camille! :) *Hugs*

I'm moving on of course but we'll always remember them though!