Sunday, January 9, 2011

100 Florence Ave.


Today's update is a new home...kinda different but very nice for a Sims couple or a single sim ; )
I named it 100 Florence Ave. ,I thought that was a nice decent name for it more decent than "You can't crap in corners here" House! *shakes head* (Hubby's idea) LOL! It took me about an hour to come up with a name...anyways I got inspired by this pic and thought I'd make a home kinda like it! :)




computer area

             Sink area/entrance to shower area

Laundryroom/toilet area

Need World Adventures,Ambitions & Late night!
Lot size 20x30
Costs $64,007 simoleans
Don't claim as your own my lovelies

CC list
rug by Lemonjelly

I hope ya'll like it and Happy Simming everyone!...oh and one more thing..I know it seems kinda silly the toilet area not having a door...but you can put one in if you want to..the plans for this home in rl don't have a door and I thought that was pretty different so I went with it  ; )


Anonymous said...

I think this is so lovely! I wish I could get it for my game but I don't have WA *really just didn't/don't want it* but if it were not for that I'd download this right away!! :) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love the house Amanda! Also, I don't think it really matters about the toilet door, I've seen many-a-house like that <3

Amanda said...

Thank you CeceSaun1 & Portia! :)

Actually I think you can still download it Cece cause the only thing that's from WA are the sidetables in the bedroom,so not much would be missing. ;)

Well that's good to know portia, it was kinda weird a home not having a door to the toilet area but I figured what the heck try something different lol! :)

Vlana said...

Love this house. The outside area is amazing.

Amanda said...

Thank you Vlana! :)

It does look nice!