Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday to.....

I usually don't do this but I think this person deserves a Happy Birthday shout out,we may not know each other well but she seems like a kind person.

Happy Birthday to....

Yoteamo...hehe I hope you have a Great Birthday girl! ^_^

If you haven't checked out her blog...go visit it she's got some very pretty houses to download! :)

P.S I'm thinking about keep doing this jump break on all of my posts from now on....sure takes alot less space than my usual posts lol....


Yoteamo said...

AMANDAAAAA!!! you crazy cat <3
Thank you SO much girly!! I had such a wonderful day and this is just so sweet of you!!
Man I'm 31 now... it's unfreakingbelieveable. Although I told my daughter that I turned 25 (hahahah) and she said 'Oh mum that is SO OLD isn't it' and gave me a really sympathetic hug. :D :D :D
I did get an awful lot of chocolate and wine (not that I'm complaining lol) and my boyfriend got me some shoes I really wanted. I'm kinda broke and I'm always wearing leggings so my friend got me JEANS! Omg I was so happy to get some decent jeans I almost cried hahaha
Thank you again :)

Yoteamo said...

oh oh and I just wanted to add.. I am a kind person!!! I really am!!! hehehe

you're so sweet <3

Amanda said...

You are very welcome! ♥

I agree you are a very kind person! :)

Hehe I'm glad you had a Great Birthday!Nah 31 isn't old and I think your daughter will say that when she get's that age lol...but what will her kids say?Karma? lol