Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Check this out!!!!!!

Hey everybody hope all is well! ♥

I want to show you all's a game I came across last night and it ROCKS!!!

The name of it is BIT.TRIP Presents...Runner 2 Future Legend of Rythym Alien

I bought it on Steam today and wow is all I got to say....

It's challenging but a fun game and the music is Great! I recommend this game to you all. It's only $14.99 here in the states I don't know about the rest of the world though! :(

I just made a video of me playing the game if you would like to take a look. ^_^

The little guy's name in the game is "Commander Video"
Oh and I'm the one that added the "No bullseye" part in my video that
doesn't really show up in game :P

If you want me to post another vid of me playing another level tell me. :D
Also if you can't see the video or watch it tell me...but you should be able since I uploaded it as a Mp4 video. :)

It is available on other consoles: Wii U,XBOX,& PS3

Geez I sound like I'm telling you all to go get it...but I'm not I just wanted to share this with ya'll,you going and checking it out or buying it is all up to you! ^_^

Take care! ♥

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