Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hobbies-Blog Train

Heeeey all!

Yep another Blog train and boy do we all have some goodies for ya'll..and this time it has to do with HOBBIES! And mine is got to do with being a gamer...and whatya know I came up with Mario Bros. ...cause I L-O-V-E Mario games and such,heck I've been playing since the 80's ;)

   I have enjoyed and am very grateful of  being a part of this blog train!

Well here you go!

Female shirts

Male shirts

Need Base game and Generations

Sims 3pack






Mario bros. Posters

Need base game

Mario in suits

Need base game
Credit:RD  ( bv poster square qaurter size) paintings by beyx

...okay this isn't mario but this dude is Awesome as well!


Need base game

Well that's it for this train stop...hope ya'll like it there is more coming up! Take care!

Repulsively Desirous Creations


Deelightful Delights

Camille's Blog

Chicago Styled

Lemonjelly Sims Designs

S3&Me  <------- you are here

Fashionista <------ Next stop


Deelightful said...

What a fabulous idea! Very creative! Big thumbs up!

Amanda said...

Thanks Dee,I'm glad you like it! :D

Camille said...

These shirts are just TOO cute! Oh Amandita!! Thank you so much my sims will be ultra cute on them =*****

Anonymous said...

I love how the shirts turned out! Fantastic idea. And I'm to much of a pac-man junkie to pass up that poster. Everything looks awesome. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Had to come and comment again to say that the .package link to the Mario bros. Posters doesn't seem to be working for me, but it could just be me. the .sims3pack one works fine though.

Amanda said...

Thanks Camille and RD! <3

Got the link fixed,sorry bout that and thanks for telling me RD! :)

Chicago said...

Who doesn't love Mario Bros.? The t-shirts are awesome! Grabbing!

Migolia said...

The tiny Mario paintings look amazing!

Amanda said...

Thanks Chicago and Migolia! :)

Ikr...never heard anybody hatin on Mario bros. before...

BrĂ¼no said...

Its awesome!! Everything!! Including the desk. Where I can find it please?? Thanks a Lot!!

Amanda said...

Thank you very much Bruno for the comment,I'm glad you like them! :)

I think I got the desk at TSR by's a pay item though :(

LemonJelly said...

Mario!!! What a great entry Amanda, it's very refreshing to have some clothing in the blog train :)

Amanda said...

Thanks LJ I'm glad you like them!<3

Omer said...

I love these! Big fan of videogame inspired decor. Can you tell me where the TV is from in the 'Mario's suits' picture? Thank you. ^.^

Amanda said...

Thank you for the comment Omer! :)

The TV is from The Sims 3 store ;)

here is the link

Yoteamo said...

This feels like my birthday.. more goodies! I love the T-shirts I shall be grabbing those for my simself and my bf's simself ty <3 <3

Amanda said...

Aaaw Thanks!<3

I'm glad you like them!