Monday, November 8, 2010

Window wall Murals!

Hya Everybody!

My update today are these Window wall murals,I hope ya'll like them!

Mesh by Aikea at Club Crimsyn
You only need base game!
Costs zilch!
don't claim as your own!

DOWNLOAD   Sims3pack

DOWNLOAD  .package

Take care everyone and Happy Simming! : )


Anonymous said...

Um... These are AWESOME! I'm totally in love with them and I was actually working on a set of these but with far less pretty views because you know... that's just what I like. LoL. Thanks for sharing these Amanda darling.

Amanda said...

Thanks RD!...well I want to see your set!..I love your style! lately I've been in a very nice cc stage...anyways enough jibber jabering,I'm glad you like them and thanks for the comment! :)

Sarah Goodworth said...

Love it! Amanda you are awesome! :3

Please vote for my dog. I entered her into a contest, she only has a few monthes to live, and I would like her to win. That would mean so much to my family. So please help me vote for her and thank you for reading and sorry if this is spamming. :'(

Amanda said...

Aaaw she's adorable!..she looks like Lassie!....I voted for her!..sorry to hear about her only having a few months to live..I know how it feels about losing a pet that means alot to you and your family ..just lost a cat and he meant alot to me and my family..I hope it goes well! and thanks for the comment!

Kementari said...

LOVE THESE! Ugh if only I had these a few weeks ago :) Beautifully done Amanda.

Amanda said...

LOL...well fudge!...Thanks a bunch Kementari! :)