Saturday, June 8, 2013

Farmer and Daughter painting!


I hope all is well and you all are having a good summer so far. I was building a country home and thought well it would be nice to have that Farmer and daughter painting by Grant Wood, so I looked around and couldn't find one so I guess doing one wouldn't hurt huh?

Need Base game
Cost: 100 Simoleans
DOWNLOAD  .package
DOWNLOAD  .Sims3pack
Take care and I will be back with a new house soon! ♥
EDIT: Okay I changed the title cause I thought I read somewhere that nobody knew if it was his wife or daughter...but I just read on wiki that it is his spinster daughter...oops lol...though I'm not changing the name of the files I changed the title,thanks anon for telling me! XP


Anonymous said...

it's his daughter, though.

Amanda said...

So it is my bad will have to change the title but can't change the title for the files to late for that! :P