Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pink House!

Hey ya'll!

I went to digging in my pictures folder yesterday and found this picture of a unique looking house I've had in there for about a year a little over..and decided to build it...yes I know most of the outside isn't pink but some of it is and it's pink just about everywhere on the inside with some brown..I kinda think pink and brown colors go great together in interior and exterior decorating ;)

I guess you can say this house is for those YA/A female sims who are single! I tried my best to build it as similar as I could to the one in the pic! I hope ya'll like it! :D

Need Base Game,WA,Ambitions,LN,& Generations

Lot size: 20x15

Price: I think it's $132,812...maybe a little over that...yeah I know it's high..but there is a cheat called "Motherlode" ;)

READ this please!!!
There is one tiny problem..the roof pattern that I have used on this house which is cool but when you go into your game, edit town or quit game then come back it looks like there is a couple of little holes in the roof  so you'll have to either go into Roof types and press hipped roof then it will go away(but you'll have to do it each time you go into game), ignore it...or just pick a EA roof pattern an never have to deal with it again!
 EDIT: Also I forgot to put the alarms in the house >__<
I knew I forgot something

CC List:
Fairytale roof by Pralinesim *free*

Retro stove by MsBarrow *free*

Retro Refrigerator by MsBarrows *free*

Enjoy everybody and Happy Simming!


B said...

Fabulous work, love the design and room placement. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

Thanks B! ^__^

And your welcome,I'm glad you like it! :)

sailorjune said...

I love this house! It's so nice on the outside, and wonderfully decorated on the inside. Thank you!

Amanda said...

Your welcome!

And Thank you for the comment,I'm glad you like it! :)