Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello Everybody!

I have a perfectly good reason on why I don't have an update today! Evelyn! My stepdaughter had her baby Tuesday morning and both are doing fine. Even though she's new to the world and the people around her Evelyn is so adorable and is gonna be loved and cared for by GOD, her parents, her Grandparents and her Big family she has!

GOD Bless you Evelyn!
You mean so much to us and we will always love you and care about you and
GOD will always be holding your hand darling!

                                                          Grandpa and Mimi


LemonJelly said...

Awww Amanda she is so cute! Congratulations xxx

Amanda said...

Thanks Sam! <3

Isn't she? I told my hubby the other night while I was holding her "Your probably gonna have to pry her away from me!" lol!

Anonymous said...

Oh she is so sweet Amanda <3 Even though i already told you :P

But she's just so cuteeee!

Amanda said...

Thanks Portia! <3

Yep your a Great Aunt now hehe! ;)

Louma 37 said...

CUTE =) xxxxx

Amanda said...

Thanks Louma! <3

ajOya said...

Congratulations on such wonderful news! You're a new mimi! Sending many hugs, kisses, & prayers your way!

Amanda said...

Thank you Ajoya! <3

I hope your bundle of joy is doing well also, and hugs nad kisses and prayers back at you! :)