Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life in Technicolor!

Hey Everybody!

Hehe yep that's what I named my little project I did....What? I was listening to Coldplay lol!

I apologise for not updating with much lately...  and I know it's pretty much been chit chat lately but I've been quite busy in rl! :)

Enough about that now here is what I got for you all,I hope you like it!

Mesh by Aikea at Club Crimsyn 

Images from Blik

Only need Base game

Price $0

DOWNLOAD  .package

DOWNLOAD Sims3pack

Well I hope you all have a good day/night
Take care Everybody!



Lily said...

Hah - I love these, 'specially the trapped cat!

Anonymous said...

If these just aren't the coolest things ever!

Amanda said...

Thanks Lily and Aglaia! <3

I'm happy ya'll like them!

Anonymous said...

Well, this is definitively amusing.
And, even though the cat alone made me download, i'm pretty sure i'll enjoy the rest as well.
Thank you!

LemonJelly said...

I am completely jealous of your mural making skills! I am failing miserably at it, it's quite tragic really lol. wonderful new set, so glad to see you are back :)

Much love as always xxxx

Amanda said...

necromunchy I hope you do enjoy all of them,thank you for the comment! :)

Well thank you Sam! *blushes*

But you got to know I'm quite jealous of your pattern skills...seriously...I've tried I don't know how many times lol...but anyways thanks again for the comment! *hugs*


Louma 37 said...

awww the trapped cat is so cute <3

Amanda said...

Ain't the cat so cute? hehe

Thanks Louma <3

Velvet said...

Vundaful dahlink! I gotta agree w/Lil' the trapped cat is too cute! Thank you for sharing. *smooches*

Amanda said...

hehe thanks Rebecca! *hugs*