Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunnyside up

Hello Everyone!

I have a very sunny house that your Sunny sims family would like I'm sure. It has 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms it also has a little garden out back and a...*coughs* ok not exactly a tree house but close to about....playhouse?  out back too!  I know I'm not an Awesome decorater but I try, anyways I have a unfurnished version to download also ;)

It requires:

The Lot size is 20x20 ,You can put it on whatever lot that fits best for it but I do think it's best if you put it on 2256 Edgewood Road in Bridgeport...cause that's where I built it ;)

Furnished Lot : $47,750
Unfurnished Lot: $23,174

Lamp Tiffany by Crea Sims 3
Single Federal Lattice window door by Mutske @ TSR
Ikea Rugs by Lemonjelly
Large Hanging canvas by RD
Almost off the wall poster by Sweet Ambrosia
Long single tile grass by Aikea & Gelydh @ Club Crimsyn



I just want to say something before I go...I'm not gonna be around for about a week cause I'm having a procedure done on my Kidneys tuesday and it's probably gonna take several days for me to get better..just keep me in ya'lls prayers everybody..that's all I ask,and I want to put out that there is gonna be another Blog train not long from get ready for some Awesome goodies soon!Take care everybody! :)


Anonymous said...

Its so bright and colorful. Lovely job!

Sims Houses said...

I love the style of your house and especially the backyard. It's cute ! ^^

Velvet said...

It's too cute 'manda! Just wanted to say that and I will be praying for you. Be well soon *hugs*.

Amanda said...

Thanks so much ya'll for the comments! *Hugs*

Thanks Rebecca I really appreciate it! I'm leaving later today to drive all the way to the Big city to stay the night there,so I don't have to get up at 2 in the morning to get to the hospital.

Again...Hugs to you all! :)

Karinilla said...

This house is so so cute. :)
All the best for you Amanda! Hope you will be well soon.

Lily said...

This is lovely, Amanda - it really is a little ray of sunshine ;) xx