Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hi Ya'll!

Hello my name is Amanda (I'm sure some of you know that already). I love playing Sims 3 when I ain't got nothing else to do lol and I really enjoy creating houses and decorating them so I've decided to share them.

Right now I've made a nice Beach cottage and I'll give you a link to the website

and to the Home of this website Sims3 Musketeers check their stuff out it's Awsome possum!

I want to Thank everybody there especially Lily,Webby & fasionista125 (my lil sis ) they are so kind and very creative and they have really inspired me to do this.I also want to give a Thank you to everyone at Livingsims  the people there are so sweet ,funny and very talented and they inspired me too  :)

Also I want to let you know there are going to be some cc in the homes but I will give you links to them and I will try my best not to have pay items in the homes also ;)

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