Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tickle Pink!

Hello Simmers! ^_^

Yes I know it's been forever since I posted last...I've been busy with rl and playing Mass effect etc.
This coming up Tuesday I am going to be getting the game DisHonored *Squeeee* I can't wait! Has anybody heard that game and are you going to play it anytime soon?!....Just curious! Anyways I pre-ordered it  like 2 weeks ago and am excited!

Okay enough about that...I have been playing Sims off and on for the past month and finally got a house built,I thought about building a nice simple house for those single female sims that we play so often!

Yes I still can't make a good shot of the bathroom...especially when it's
so small lol! 

1 Bedroom/ 1 Bathroom
Lot size: 20x20
Price: $52,905

CC list

PS Peachy Roof I by Pralinesims @ TSR

Need Base Game,WA,Generations,Ambitions,Showtime,Master Suite
Outdoor life and Diesel

DOWNLOAD  Sims3pack

I hope you all like it! Take care and I'll be back with something else soon..I'll try not to disappear! ♥


Florbela Marques said...

A sua casa ficou linda, parabéns pelo trabalho!

Amanda said...

Obrigado, estou feliz que vocĂȘ gosta! ♥

VanessaCaprian said...

Amazing house! Love it!!! ,3 And di you know that the word dishonored means rape?

Amanda said...

Thank you I'm glad you like the House! ♥

And *coughs* lol yes I know it means rape but it also means bring shame or disgrace on which can come from many things especially being falsely accused of killing the empress,that's what happened to Corvo,the Empress's bodyguard!

It's a good Stealth game or game if anybody/you want to play it! :)

Yoteamo said...

Omg! I can't believe I've missed your latest uploads Amanda! The house is gorgeous and I still feel so terrible I've missed your latest uploads! *cry*

Amanda said...

Don't cry *hugs*

It's very much my fault,I disapeared for months cause I was busy playing other games and didn't update at all.

But I'm not gonna let that happen again. Thank you for the comment I am so happy you like the pink house. ♥