Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blast From The Past Blog Train

Hey all!

Welcome to the Blast from the past blog train!

I have some Vintage goodies that would be Great for deco in your sims homes and for your Sims stories that you all make! I LOVE VINTAGE and I'm sure you all do to! I'm not the only one, there are others who made some as well! So enjoy!

First I give you

Vintage Love Story Comics

Credit: Sweet Ambrosia & Found in my Mom's Basement website

Only need base game
Cost $5 simoleans



Vintage Mademoiselle magazines

Credit: Sweet Ambrosia & Found in my Mom's basement website

Only need base game
Cost $5 simoleans



Buster Keaton & Charlie Chaplin movie Posters

Credit: Aikea @ Club Crimsyn

Only need base game
Cost 0



...and last but not least ;)
Vintage Crate Ads

You can find these in buydebug

Credit: Found in my Mom's basement website & EA
Need Late night
Cost $ 100 simoleans



Blog train also goes to : RD's
                                       Fashionista 125
                                       Alex Pilgrim
                                       Sims3 properties
                                      Jenn's Sim's Design
                                      The Tangled Webby

         I know the list isn't the same as it usually is but there is a very good reason why  anyways I've really enjoyed being a part of this Blog train again! I hope you all enjoy,take care and happy simming!


Anonymous said...

Mademoiselle magazines link doesn't seem to be working for me, but I grabbed everything else. Fantastic job on everything Amanda, thanks so much for sharing.

Unknown said...

These look amazing Amanda. I particularly like the crates, what an incredibly creative idea!

Amanda said...

Ooops sorry bout that,fixed now and thanks for the comment! I've enjoyed being a part of this! <3

Jenn said...

Wonderful, thank you!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks Sam & Jenn! <3

Camille said...

Oh great idea amandita!! My sims girls will read mademoiselle from now on :)

Amanda said...

Thanks Sweet Camille! <3

WebbyMom said...

Oh are these ever cool! Wonderful ideas for this train, thanks so much for making and sharing! *nabbing*

Amanda said...

Your welcome Webby!

And Thanks for the comment! <3

Louma 37 said...

i love the WHOLE update.. waiting for more of your awesome work! <3

Amanda said...

Well Thanks Louma,I appreciate the comment! I'm glad you like the update! <3

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the crates <3

Amanda said...

Thanks a bunch lil sis! <3

I'm glad you like them! :)

alexpilgrim said...

Tha magazines are so nice, what a good idea! And love the posters and the crates too! :)

Amanda said...

Thank you Alex,I'm glad you like them! :)

I'm glad you and the others like the crates as well cause I was a bit close to not adding them *blush*

Rebecca said...

Everything looks scrumptious but I especially like the magazines! Thanks 'manda! *hugs*

Amanda said...

Awesome that you like them Velvet! :) *hugs*

Yoteamo said...

Huzzah! I didnt see these before, blimey Amanda they are all fab. I've got to grab those crates and magazines. Thank you for being awesome *bows*

Amanda said...

Me awesome? I don't know about that lol!

But thanks for the comment and I'm happy you like them! <3