Saturday, March 9, 2013


Heeeeeey Simmers! ♥

I hope all is well with you all!

If your having a bad day...or good day...I give you this

Feeling better?...Goody! ♥

Now...down to the nitty gritty.I have been playing Sims 3 off and on for almost a year cause I had been playing other me when I say Sims games was my main game over a year ago ...anywho I just bought University Life and it is da bomb...I am having so much fun with Sims again and seeing all this new content that we have gotten the past few EP's is just giving idea after idea on what to build.

I just finished this house and will upload it soon...

I almost have it done :)

BEWARE what I'm writing below is me venting so if you don't want to have your good mood gone then don't read it...

Okay now I'm sure few of you remember me posting some Thane Krios posters and Save Thane tshirts for Sims 3? Well Bioware came out with their last DLC for Mass effect 3 and it was about doing a mission with old squadmates,Your shepard get's an apartment and gets to hang out with his/her friends and LI's.....heh that is everybody except us Thane fans and Jacob fans....*shakes head* all we get is a funeral,vids and some Ghost Thane...I mean yeah it's good that Thane got remembered this time and got a funeral,but shouldn't of that have been in the main game? Not only that but we don't get a choice to save him Thane dies no matter what...I/we had been fighting and voicing our opinion for almost a year to just plaease give us an option kinda like how Miranda and Jack get's one in the game...nope we get screwed over again...after all we have done and all the bs and bullying we have put up with for a year.....GRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Well Buttware has lost a customer,I'm not buying anymore Bioware games they say the character in their game will be treated equally/you will be treated equally...HA! What a lie.....we even got trolled by someone from Bioware.

                                                             He is a Db

And poor Jacob fans get their hearts broken too...what is wrong with these people to treat female gamers like they don't matter?Or their opinions/suggestions don't matter?

I'm  disappointed,disgusted with Bioware and some of the people on BSN. I have never seen such horrible bullying and trolling in all my life...pathetic!

Since it's over with now,I will probably keep the posters of Thane for download instead of the tshirts in that post.

Yeesh this went from happy post to not happy post lol..sorry bout that
I had to get that off my chest although I feel I didn't get it all off my chest...who knows I probably will be ranting and venting about this for lil while lol....

Okay I'm gonna post some nice pics of my Femshep and Thane....

Well like I told the rest Thane might be dead to Bioware but he isn't to us so him and my femshep are living happily ever after!
 I'll move on eventually but Thane will always be my favorite game character.
Okay I think that is enough gifs and gibber jabbering lol well have a very good weekend ya'll,GOD bless you! ♥

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