Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello Again!

Hey Everybody!

I hope you all have had a great spring and your having a good summer also!
Yeah I have been away for awhile...I wanted to take a break from sims 3 but I'm slowly getting back into it! ^_^

Okay sooo this is just a post of me talking right now but I do have a couple of things coming up for download I just need to explain what's coming up!

Okay I have been playing Mass Effect games for the past few months...and I have to say I only like the first 2...the 3rd...I don't believe there is a 3rd one *sarcasm* ....mainly because Bioware practicly rushed the game and it's a complete mess...not just the ending but with some of the characters that they pretty much got shafted in the game also including how femshep got treated unfairly in the game by them taking away 2 of her love interests and maleshep got to keep his and more .......idiots!
That is Sexist Bioware...totally going against most female gamers right there!

That is Sexist Bioware!

My Favorite character in ME 2 is Thane Krios......*Swoons*
I am along with other Thane fans are doing projects, starting groups to fight for an option to save Thane in ME 3....I will explain further in the post!

You will not believe how many times I have romanced this HOT DRELL!!!!
If you don't know who he is here is a
If you do and have played ME 2 then you know what/who I'm talking about

They killed him off because he had an illness,they gave us false
hope then just killed him!
So the kind of message your trying to send out
Bioware is that if you have an illness
you have no hope,no future!

YOU should be ashamed of yourselves Bioware!

The thing is his personality,his voice,how much of a gentlmen he's so sexy! They created him for ME 2 he was in their posters,commercials on the front cover....long story short and to the point he has a disease in the game called Kepral Syndrome...they hinted in ME 2 that he could get a lung transplant...they gave us false hope that he was going to get a cure/live....but they killed him off for no good reason  and believe me I am furious as hell....especially other Thane fans! Bioware did a heartless thing and we Thanemancer,Thanebros are doing something about it we are protesting!

I have never done anything like this before but Thane is worth fighting for... he and Femshep deserved better in Mass Effect 3, BIOWARE  pretty much spit in our face,we didn't even get a choice to save him but the other LI's did which is unfair(They also were unfair to the Jacob fans)! So what I am doing is I am going to be uploading Posters and tshirts for Sims 3 for The #SaveThane group on here in support and I hope that you can help out by joining us there to support us! So please come join us on Facebook! ^_^

Also deviantART 

I'm going to be uploading them either tomorrow or Monday....apologies if I can't explain the whole situation well but when you give your loyal fans hope for a character that they love you don't do a M. Night Shyamalan twist and kill off that character...that spitting in their faces,it's disrespectful!
I do give a bit of kudos to Bioware for fixing the wasn't great but it was a bit better than what they gave us in the first place!

I'm hoping they will at least give us an OPTION in a future DLC to save Thane!
Come and help us Save Thane even if you don't know who he is but understand why we are doing this we really appreciate it! ♥♥♥

I know some of you might be thinking "OMG she's gone crazy people"
But just think about it...your favorite character get's killed off just like that just because he has an illness.... doesn't matter if it's from a game,cartoon,movie! Wouldn't you get upset....yeeeeah I think you would! ; )

Here is a sneak peak at one of  the posters I'm uploading...I'm working on a Keep calm and #Save Thane one now...



Portia said...

Nice to see you're getting into games Amanda ~ and hey look, it's your little sister rolling around again

hope you're doing well c:

Amanda said...

Hey Portia!♥

I'm doing okay,alot has been going on ,anyways I hope you are doing well! Yeah I'm still playing ME games but I'm slowly getting back into Sims 3 again....I'll see you around...even on skype! ;)